Donegal Tweed Men’s Herringbone Hat 8 Panel Newsboy Cap Baker Boy Gatsby Ivy English Gentleman’s Cap



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Herringbone 8 Panel Newsboy Cap Baker Boy Gatsby Ivy Hat
Tweed Herringbone Newsboy Baker boy Hat is made from wool.  comfortable and durable.

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Colour: Grey
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL
55 cm, 57 cm, 59 cm,  and 60 cm and 61 cm

Introducing the Newsboy Baker Boy Hat, a fashion masterpiece that skilfully combines traditional and contemporary flair. This classic headpiece, sometimes referred to as the Peaky Blinder’s style hat, has left its mark on fashion history and evolved into a representation of class and panache.

The Newsboy Baker Boy Hat, also known as the Herringbone Newsboy Hat or the Herringbone Cap, is a symbol of retro appeal. This traditional baker-boy hat, which has roots in the early 20th century, represents the beauty of a bygone age while seamlessly blending into modern wardrobes. The men’s herringbone hat, made from premium tweed materials, exudes a rustic yet elegant appeal and perfectly embodies the aesthetics of the English countryside.

This headgear, which is reminiscent of the old baker-boy cap, features delicate detailing that displays the craftsmanship of earlier times. The Wool Newsboy Cap, a variation of this fashionable flat cap, captures the essence of an English gentleman’s cap and adds a touch of tradition to contemporary clothing. This accessory is the pinnacle of adaptable sophistication, whether you’re channelling a Gatsby-style cap from the 1920s or embracing the classic herringbone cap.

The Newsboy Baker Boy Hat has endured the test of time and developed into a cutting-edge fashion statement, drawing inspiration from the iconic Peaky Blinders look. For those looking to add a dash of history and refinement to their clothing, it is a must-have item thanks to its mix of classic design and current sensibility. The Newsboy Baker Boy Hat easily boosts your look, embodying a really classic yet refreshingly modern design, whether you’re cruising through city streets or soaking up the charm of the countryside.

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Large 59 cm, Medium 57 cm, Small 55 cm, XL 61 cm