Classic Grey Black Baker Design Women’s Hat Mod Wool Retro 1960s Style Cap



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Classic Baker Design Women’s Hat Wool Retro 1960s Style Cap Mod

Baker Hat Spitfire Wool Retro Style Cap. High quality wool Baker Style Hats and Caps UK

Fully lined from inside. Fabric wool blended

Colour: Grey & Black

One size fits most small medium & large

57-58 cm approx.

In the vibrant cultural landscape of the 1960s, fashion underwent a revolutionary transformation, embodying the spirit of youthfulness, rebellion, and a fervent embrace of change. Among the iconic elements of this era’s style, the mod baker boy and ladies baker style hats emerged as distinctive symbols of mod subculture and sartorial innovation. 

As a testament to its enduring appeal, the mod baker boy and ladies baker style hats continue to influence contemporary fashion, serving as timeless icons of an era defined by bold experimentation and boundary-pushing creativity. In this introduction, we embark on a journey through the swinging ’60s, exploring the cultural significance and enduring legacy of these iconic headpieces. 

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Black, Grey